About Us

Have you ever been in a situation where you visited a Government office and returned without get your work done? To get your Government work done on time has always been painful. Everyone is aware that there are not predictable timings or customer supports to make it easy for you. Even managing documents is a pretty tough task. Don’t worry. We are here to help you. We will help you in getting you all government work with the easy process. You will get all the assistance, follow-ups, documents check and all the process knowledge to get it done. Zimplify saves a lot of your time and reduces the complexity of navigating the Government offices. Zimplify will help you in getting Passports (Normal, Renew, Tatkal) Driving license, Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Name change etc), Taxes and Legal documents (Rental agreement, Affidavit) Zimplify, helps you in getting all this from the comfort of your home.



Kumud (COO)

IIM, BIT Sindri

Birla (CEO)

IIT Kanpur, Infosys, Amazon, AskLaila

Ajay (Board Member)

NIT Tirchy,
Novell, Shrishtisoft

Kiran (Board Member)

Microsoft, Zephyr,
Cogniti, AskLaila